Marine Street Open
June 30 - July 1, 1973
Greg Lee/Jim Menges
Greg Lee
Photo: Kevin Goff
Personal Info
Resides: Deceased Sept 21, 2022
College(s): UCLA
Seasons: 10
Tournaments: 61
Career Wins: 29
Career Winnings: $4,125.00
Jim Menges
Photo: Kevin Goff
Personal Info
Height: 6'2"
College(s): UCLA
Seasons: 13
Tournaments: 112
Career Wins: 48
Career Winnings: $16,075.00
Team Career Summary 
P&R3826531300000 $6,300.00
Previous Marine Street Results 
YearPartner - ResultPartner - Result
1972 Jon Lee - 2nd Ron Van Horsen - 4th
Recent Results  Have not played together in the last year
Head to Head Results
Has not played anyone in this tournament or no head-to-head data is available