Colorado Pro Am
September 28 - 30, 1979
Mike Dodd/Tim Hovland
Mike Dodd
Photo: Matt Barber
Personal Info
Birth Date: Aug 20, 1957 (66 yrs old)
Home Town: Manhattan Beach, CA
Resides: Manhattan Beach, CA
Height: 6'4"
College(s): San Diego State
Seasons: 19
Tournaments: 355
Career Wins: 75
Career P&R Wins: 10
Career Winnings: $1,853,053.75
Tim Hovland
Photo: Matt Barber
Personal Info
Birth Date: Feb 23, 1959 (65 yrs old)
Home Town: El Segundo, CA
Resides: Playa del Ray, CA
Height: 6'4"
College(s): Southern California
Seasons: 20
Tournaments: 304
Career Wins: 60
Career P&R Wins: 11
Career Winnings: $1,121,731.00
Team Career Summary 
AVP1514338331513135000 $1,118,133.50
FIVB301101000000 US$12,500.00
P&R26104930000000 $46,350.00
Overall1805343431814135000 US$1,176,983.50
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