CEV Under Age
€ 20,000 CEV U23 European Championships
August 24 - 26, 2001
Clemens Doppler/Peter Gartmayer, Austria
Clemens Doppler
Photo: FIVB
Personal Info
Birth Date: Sep 6, 1980 (42 yrs old)
Home Town: Steyr
Resides: Vienna
Height: 200 cm (6'7")
Weight: 87 kg (191 lb)
Seasons: 27
Tournaments: 241
Career Wins: 6
Career CEV Under Age Best: 2nd (2 times)
Career Winnings: US$684,342.59
Peter Gartmayer
Personal Info
Birth Date: Feb 25, 1978 (44 yrs old)
Home Town: Filderstadt
Resides: Vienna
Height: 193 cm (6'4")
Weight: 88 kg (194 lb)
Seasons: 12
Tournaments: 123
Career Wins: 1 (CEV Valencia 2007)
Career CEV Under Age Best: 2nd (Esposende 2001)
Career Winnings: US$225,981.23
Team Career Summary 
CEV811020030100 US$62,647.68
CEV Under Age101000000000 US$1,455.68
FIVB36000052135641 US$214,250.00
Overall45120252165741 US$278,353.36
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Head to Head Results
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