Hermosa Beach Open
June 19 - 20, 1982
Mike Dodd/Tim Walmer
Mike Dodd
Photo: Matt Barber
Personal Info
Birth Date: Aug 20, 1957 (64 yrs old)
Home Town: Manhattan Beach, CA
Resides: Manhattan Beach, CA
Height: 6'4"
College(s): San Diego State
Seasons: 19
Tournaments: 355
Career Wins: 75
Career P&R Wins: 10
Career Winnings: $1,828,840.75
Tim Walmer

Personal Info
Birth Date: Jun 18, 1960 (61 yrs old)
Home Town: Manhattan Beach, CA
Height: 6'0"
College(s): Long Beach State
San Diego State
Seasons: 18
Tournaments: 269
Career Wins: 6
Career P&R Wins: 3
Career Winnings: $348,566.13
Team Career Summary 
AVP10010000000 $0.00
P&R20110000000 $0.00
Overall30120000000 $0.00
Previous Hermosa Beach Results 
YearPartner - ResultPartner - Result
1979 Did not play Kevin Cleary - 7th
1980 Did not play Kevin Cleary - 4th
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Head to Head Results
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