AVP Tour
$15,000 Baxter's Manhattan Beach Open
July 27 - 28, 1985
Dana McFarland/Eric Wurts
Dana McFarland
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Personal Info
Birth Date: Mar 6, 1961 (63 yrs old)
Home Town: Manhattan Beach, CA
Resides: Manhattan Beach, CA
Height: 6'1"
College(s): San Diego State
Seasons: 10
Tournaments: 48
Career Best: 2nd (P&R Rosecrans 1983)
Career AVP Best: 3rd (Playa del Rey 1984)
Career Winnings: $12,057.50
Eric Wurts
Personal Info
Birth Date: Feb 25, 1960 (64 yrs old)
Resides: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Height: 6'0"
College(s): San Diego State
Seasons: 21
Tournaments: 265
Career Wins: 1 (FIVB Enoshima 1990)
Career AVP Best: 2nd (3 times)
Career Winnings: $418,577.88
Team Career Summary 
AVP140000154220 $5,325.00
Previous Manhattan Beach Results 
YearPartner - ResultPartner - Result
P&R 1980 Bruce McFarland - 5th Did not play
P&R 1983 Kevin Cleary - 7th Did not play
1984 Robert Chavez - 7th Did not play
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Head to Head Results
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