AVP Tour
$20,000 Miller Lite Wildwood Open
August 1 - 2, 1987
Sean Fallowfield/Al Janc
Sean Fallowfield

Personal Info
Birth Date: Sep 26, 1963 (60 yrs old)
Resides: Huntington Beach, CA
Height: 6'1"
College(s): Santa Barbara City College
Seasons: 15
Tournaments: 155
Career Best: 2nd (3 times)
Career AVP Best: 2nd (Playa del Rey 1984)
Career Winnings: $138,729.63
Al Janc

Personal Info
Birth Date: Mar 17, 1964 (59 yrs old)
Home Town: San Diego, CA
Height: 6'2"
College(s): Long Beach State
Seasons: 14
Tournaments: 223
Career Wins: 2
Career AVP Best: 3rd (4 times)
Career Winnings: $354,059.75
Team Career Summary 
AVP1800113145102 $33,150.00
Previous Wildwood Results 
YearPartner - ResultPartner - Result
1985 Did not play Leif Hanson - 7th
1986 Dusty Dvorak - 5th Leif Hanson - 7th
Recent Results  Have not played together in the last year
Head to Head Results
Has not played anyone in this tournament or no head-to-head data is available