Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour
€ 10,000 Beach Volleyball World Tour 1-Star Cortegaça
August 12 - 15, 2021
(Q7) Mariana Maia/Mariana Nora, Portugal
Mariana Maia
Photo: FIVB
Personal Info
Birth Date: May 13, 1996 (25 yrs old)
Seasons: 2
Tournaments: 2
Career Best: 17th (FIVB Cortegaça 2021)
Career Winnings: US$0.00
Mariana Nora
Photo not available
Personal Info
Birth Date: Sep 4, 1999 (22 yrs old)
Seasons: 1
Tournaments: 1
Career Best: 17th (FIVB Cortegaça 2021)
Career Winnings: US$0.00
Team Career Summary 
FIVB10000000010 US$0.00
Previous Cortegaça Results  Neither player has played in this venue before
Recent Results  1st Tournament
Cortegaca One Star Matches
Thu, 8/12/2021 Qualifier 2 Wies Bekhuis / Nadine Everaert, Netherlands (8, Q2) Lost By Forfeit  
Head to Head Results
Maia/Nora trail the series against the field 0-1
DateTourTournamentRoundWinning TeamSeedLosing TeamSeedScoreTime
Trail the series against # 8, Q2 Bekhuis/Everaert, Netherlands 0-1
8/12/21FIVBCortegaca One Star Qualifier 2 Bekhuis/Everaert 8, Q2 Maia/Nora Q7 By Forfeit