AVP Tour
AVP Women's Tour Cleveland
June 5 - 6, 1993
Rita Crockett Royster/Nancy Reno
Rita Crockett Royster
Photo not available
Personal Info
Birth Date: Nov 2, 1957 (65 yrs old)
Resides: Costa Mesa, CA
Height: 5'9"
College(s): Houston
North Texas State
Seasons: 6
Tournaments: 79
Career Wins: 1 (WPVA Will Rogers State Beach 1989)
Career AVP Best: 2nd (2 times)
Career Winnings: $89,397.00
Nancy Reno
Photo: Matt Barber
Personal Info
Birth Date: Dec 24, 1965 (57 yrs old)
Home Town: Glen Ellyn, IL
Resides: Durango, CO
Height: 5'11"
College(s): Stanford
Seasons: 11
Tournaments: 160
Career Wins: 38
Career AVP Wins: 7
Career Winnings: $610,369.00
Team Career Summary 
AVP30120000000 $0.00
WPVA10000000100 $600.00
Overall40120000100 $600.00
Previous Cleveland Results 
YearPartner - ResultPartner - Result
WPVA 1989 Tracy Clark - 13th Did not play
Recent Results  Have not played together in the last year
Head to Head Results
Has not played anyone in this tournament or no head-to-head data is available